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Thorough Engine Cleaning Services In Houston TX

Remove The Dust, Dirt, and Debris To Get A Like-New Condition Again

Your Engine Bay Will Look 10x Better

Whether you just purchased your vehicle, plan on selling it, or just want to give it some well needed TLC, your engine will look much better once we’re done.

Not only does a clean engine bay make your car look better (legend has it, it’s also faster), but it helps you diagnose car problems easier. You’ll be able to quickly tell where the cause of leak is or if anything has torn.

Here’s Our Engine Cleaning Process:


Inspect engine bay

We want to make sure there’s nothing that we need to keep an eye on during the cleaning.


Spray + Agitate

This is where the heavy work is done with multiple brushes and cleaners.


Final Touch Up 

Wrapping up the engine, we’ll touch up any areas that need it and shine up all the plastic panels.


Cover Sensitive Areas

Depending on the car, this might be the battery, intake, etc…


Dry and Blow Any Water

Now it’s time to dry the entire engine bay (including all the water in the tight areas).

A lot of our customers are worried about cleaning their engine bay themselves as they think they might cause some type of damage. And just like anything else, without the proper tools, knowledge, and skills, you could cause some damage.

So when you have us go out to clean your engine, you can be sure we have all the proper knowledge, skills, and tools to get the job done properly with no damage whatsoever 🙂

we require all standalone engine cleaning services to be paired with a wash

Engine Cleaning FAQ

Do I bring the car to you?Do you come to me?
We off both drop off and mobile as an option, engine bay must be paired with another services, and cannot be done as a stand alone service.

How long does this service take?It depends on the size and condition, but it typically takes 30 minutes to complete. If the condition is worse, it’ll take longer.

Are you going to use water on my engine bay?

Yes, but we’re not flooding the engine bay with water. We’re careful to cover up the necessary areas, we hold the wand at a safe distance, and the primary focus is to rinse off the dirt and that’s it.

Do you need access to water?

If we’re working at your home location, then if possible, we’ll use the water spigot you have. If we’re working at an apartment or your work location, we have our own water supply that we use. Regardless, we can get the job done!

There’s an oil leak/spill. Can you clean that up?

If your engine bay is covered in oil/grease, we will not be able to service it. There’s only so much we can clean and are not able to get under or thoroughly into the engine bay where a lot of the mess is collected.

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