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Restore your paints shine by removing the imperfections

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Remove The Swirls and Get The Most Gloss and Clarity From Your Paint

The goal of paint correction is to remove swirls and imperfections so your car can shine. Depending on what you want, we can aim to remove 65% to 90% of the imperfection from your paint. This is where we do an intense cutting and polishing step, called a 2-step correction, to get the most gloss and clarity from your paintwork.

Some scratches or imperfection won’t come. This may be because of how deep the scratch is, the type of imperfection that it is, or maybe it’s unsafe to polish on a specific panel due to the clear coat being low.

This is where we’ll make the proper judgement call on what we can safely remove off your paint. It’s not just about removing as many imperfections. It’s also knowing when enough is enough to keep the integrity of the paint healthy and within good working boundaries.

We can spend 20 hours or 5 hours polishing your paint. It’s all just based on what you’d like to achieve.  

And yes, for newer vehicles, even if it’s just 4 months off the lot, the paint can still require a 2-step correction service. Although you’ve only had the vehicle for a few months, the car has been transported and handled for many months by many people (in many different places).

It’s during this time that the car is moved, washed, transported, washed, stored, etc… It’s no surprise that new vehicles, regardless of the make and model, leave the showroom with heavy amount of swirls and imperfections. 

Paint correction is a commitment you’re making to the vehicle. If you’d like to keep your paint in great condition, you have to properly maintain the vehicle after the service is complete. If you don’t properly wash and dry the vehicle, you can easily put all those swirls and scratches back into your paint in just a few washes.

This is the most tedious service for detailing. Depending on your vehicle, the condition of the paint, and the results you ant, it can take between 8 to 15 hours of work to complete.

What does Paint Polishing do?

Have you looked at your paint under the sun and saw a web of swirls scratches? These are called micro-scratches and that’s what hinders your car from shining.

How did they get there in the first place? The biggest culprit is usually improper washing and drying methods. Automatic car washes, using low-quality towels or wash mitts can all lead to abrading your paint and installing imperfections.

With our Level 2 paint polishing service, you can remove 60 to 80% of imperfections to reveal a great shine.

This is a great service for vehicles that want to restore their shine without going “all in” like we do with our Level 2 paint correction option.

Unlike our Wash and Wax service that can be done in just a few hours, our Level 1 polishing requires more time and energy to achieve the proper results. 

Paint Correction Pricing

Price is based on size, condition, and type of clear coat. General prices shown below. Please contact us for a more accurate quote. 





Trucks/Lrg SUV


Paint Correction/Protection FAQs

Do you offer ceramic coatings?

We sure do! This is a fantastic option to protect your paint from the weather. You can read more about our ceramic coatings here. You can also stay with the more traditional wax or sealant at no additional price. 

How long do the results last?

After the paint is corrected, the next phase is maintenance. It’s just like training your pet to sit on command. You don’t just teach them once and think they’ll know it forever.

You have to continually train and repeat the commands. It’s the same with paint correction. You have to properly (and routinely) wash and dry your vehicle moving forward to maintain the swirl-free finish of your paint. If not, you’re back to square one.

What’s the difference between a wax and paint correction?

A wax does not remove any swirls or scratches from your paint. It only hides the very light swirls and can be completed in a few hours. Paint correction actually removes the swirls in your paint. This is what makes the paint shine like crazy. It also takes a substantial amount of time and energy to complete. Usually one or two full days (depending on size, condition, and desired results).. 

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