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Professional Interior Car Detailers in Killeen

Make Your Interior Feel Like-New With Our Most Popular Cleaning Service

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Take Your Interior From “It’s so dirty,” to “It looks brand new”

The Full Interior Cleaning service is meant to get your interior back to the best condition possible. Your seats, floor mats, dashboard, door panels, headliner, carpet, etc.. will all be thoroughly cleaned, detailed, and shampooed. 

If it can be cleaned, we’ll clean it. 

Does that mean every last stain and blemish will be removed? Unfortunately, no. Based on the type of stain, how long it’s been there, and the material that it’s on, many stains won’t come out 100%.

Nonetheless, we’ll still do our best to reduce the appearance of it.

And please don’t worry if you think your interior is “too dirty” to clean. We have the necessary tools and products to handle most situations. By now, we have cleaned hundreds of interior of all makes and models, and of all conditions. It would be difficult to surprise us. 

If you’re looking for more of a maintenance upkeep service for your interior, and not a deep cleaning, then our Mini-Interior Detail might be better suited for you.

The TMD Interior Cleaning Process

1️⃣ Remove All Loose Items: We’ll remove your personal items and throw away the obvious trash. It does help if you clear out your personal belongings before we get started.

2️⃣ Thorough Vacuum: In combination with our air compressor, drills, and vacuum, your interior (including trunk) will be thoroughly vacuumed.

3️⃣ Shampoo Seats, Carpet, & Floor Mats: Using our fabric-specific cleaners and commercial grade hot water extractor, we’ll shampoo the fabric material to pull out the stains and gunk.

4️⃣ Clean Plastic & Leather Surfaces: Using our brushes, pads, steamer, and air compressor, we’ll deep clean the leather and plastic surfaces (seats, door panels, dashboard, center console, etc..)

5️⃣ Clean Windows & Mirrors: All interior windows and mirrors will be streak-free (including the sunroof, visors, and rear windshield).

6️⃣ Final Touch Ups: A final inspection will be done so we can address any area we may have missed or can improve before delivering the vehicle to you

How Much Does a Ceramic Coating Cost?

Price is based on the size of vehicle. General prices are shown below. Please contact us for a more accurate quote.

Small Vehicle

Mustang, 370Z, Challenger


Medium Vehicle

Camry, Range Rover, Tacoma


Large Vehicle

Large Truck, 3-Row SUV


Interior Cleaning FAQs

How long does this service take?

It depends on the size and condition of your vehicle. Generally speaking, it can take between 2 to 5 hours to complete. We’ve worked on coupes that’s taken 4 hours and SUVS that’s taken 2 hours.

Do you remove seats?

We remove seats when the condition calls for that level of work. For 99% of the interior cleaning jobs, we do not. But when it’s a restorative interior cleaning where the condition is in really bad condition, we will. Most of the time, our tools can reach in the tight areas for a thorough job.

Will I smell chemicals in my car once you’re done?

Absolutely not! That would be terrible. We do not use harsh chemicals on your interior. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a clean-dry car.

How long does it take for my seats and carpets to dry?

If it’s relatively warm outside with low humidity, your vehicle will be 85% dry by the time we’re done. If it’s cold or raining, then it’ll take longer for your interior to dry due to the climate. We’ll do our best to dry the interior before you pick up your vehicle.

Can you remove every stain?

Due to the nature of stains and the material it’s on, some stains will come off better than others. We have extensive knowledge and experience (combined with a bunch of tools and products) to handle most situations. But even with all that, some stains won’t come out all the way. 

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